Apply to the Mentor Program

What is the Mentor Program?

The mentor program is a great way to become involved in the Chapel Hill community by teaching basic skills such as Microsoft Word and Google search to low-income adults and children at various locations and times throughout the week.

The adult classes that we teach are called TECH classes (Technology Empowerment for Chapel Hill), and we run them through a joint program with the local organization, CEF (the Community Empowerment Fund) to provide people with reduced-priced laptops after coming to our sessions and then completing a test, which we grade. As a mentor, you will help the participants of our program learn the skills they need to pass the test and find jobs and information while improving their overall lifestyle with the help of technology.

The children are taught similar skills through our fun curriculum that allows us to bring out their imaginative side with the help of technology. We allow them to create an interesting concept or invention which they can then enhance by using our easy-to-learn, kid-oriented computer operating system, Ubermix. Mentors do not need to be familiar with the system before applying.

For our Roger’s Road program, mentors are not necessarily needed to be onsite every time they mentor. However, we request that during times they are available, they be available to check in remotely (either through Google Hangout or through a Q&A forum). While it would be optimal to have a car, if you do not have any other means of transportation and would like to participate onsite in this program, we will definitely make it happen. The children will be learning basic coding skills starting with Scratch and Logo, then will gradually move up to Python, HTML, CSS, and using Raspberry Pies. Prior experience is appreciated, but certainly not a requirement!

If you would like to join the mentor program:

How Do I Apply?

The Mentor Program application for the 2015 Spring Semester is now open!!! Apply here.

If you are a returning mentor, please fill out this alternate form here.

What Are the TECH Classes Like?

We will pair you up with a participant before beginning the program. You will then work with this participant from their first computer class until you hand them their newly acquired computer.

Participants start at all different skill levels, so, to help them out the most, you’ll need to know where to start from. We will give you possible suggestions of where to begin at our orientation session. For the 2015 Spring Semester, these will be held the week of Monday, January 26th. See the calendar for the schedule of all classes.

How Does the Program Work?

Before you begin volunteering, we will go through orientation sessions to show you how we run our TECH classes. However, if you cannot attend the sessions we provide, we’ll be more than happy to schedule a time with you that works better.

We work with your schedule to ensure that your are with your mentee as often as possible to help them along their path to fulfilling their career goals.

Our participants typically attend one class a week, so there will be plenty of opportunities to interact with and get to know your mentee.

Site leader program:

What is a Site Leader?

This position is open to mentors who have had at least a semester’s experience. As usual, you will mentor and work with a participant most of the time, but, in the event that a co-chair cannot make it to a TECH class or a kid’s class, you will be in charge of supervising that class.  Questions and inquiries will be directed to you, which you can direct back to us by text or email if you don’t know the answer.

In the case that there are more participants than mentors and both the site leader and co-chair are at the class, the co-chair will, if possible, have to teach 2 to 3 people at once. The site leader will also teach the next 2 to 3 people if there is still a need to teach more than one participant at a time. This isn’t likely to happen, but, if it does, we’re hoping to have a back-up plan for this scenario.

We’ll give you the phone number of the co-chair who is most likely to be at your TECH class. If you can’t make it to the class a certain day, you will have to inform them by text or email. If they cannot make it or have to leave early, they will text or email you.

How Do I Apply?

The Site Leader application is no longer open for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions!